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» rules & faq (dw edition)


» oo1; Who makes the graphics here?
[personal profile] ocarinas is the founder, administrator, and primary content creator. [personal profile] megasquip also creates icons, but does spam contribute as frequently as his overzealous girlfriend.

» oo2; Haven't I seen these icons on LiveJournal?
As a matter of fact, you have. [personal profile] ocarinas started out sharing her icons in her LJ community, [livejournal.com profile] castletown, in early 2009. When she came here to Dreamwidth, she imported all of those entries to [community profile] sacredrealm so that DW users could enjoy them as well. We intend to crosspost all of our icons in both communities. With the April 2017 change to LiveJournal's Terms of Service, all contents of [livejournal.com profile] castletown have been purged and we will no longer crosspost to it.

» oo3; Want to affiliate?
Absolutely! Our affiliate post is over here.

» oo4; Where can I find the art you used to make [insert graphic here]?
We tend to find the art we use in our graphics on broad sharing websites like Pixiv, Danbooru/Gelbooru/etc., 4chan, and the like. We can probably provide you with the original image we used to make a particular graphic, but we can't always point you to the original artist. Unless otherwise stated, we did not draw any of the art ourselves. EDIT: As of 2014, [personal profile] ocarinas gives all of her art, screencap, and texture credits at the bottom of her posts.

[personal profile] ocarinas tends to use fanart less frequently in her icon creation than she did in the past.
She gives credit for art, screencaps, and textures used at the bottom of each of her posts. If she has used your art for icons and you would like it removed, please leave a comment or send a message to her journal.

» oo5; Do you take requests?
[personal profile] ocarinas has an open requests post right over here.

» oo6; Can I alter your icons/graphics for roleplaying or other purposes?
Please don't. We work very hard on our graphics and want to see them used as is. [personal profile] ocarinas would be happy to create alternate versions of her icons upon request; just follow the instructions at her open requests post.


» oo1; Please DO NOT alter the graphics in any way. They are not bases unless explicitly stated.
» oo2; Please DO NOT take any graphics and claim that YOU made them.
» oo3; We really love getting comments ♥!~ But they're not required.
» oo4; Please be sure to credit [community profile] sacredrealm or the individual maker ([personal profile] ocarinas or [personal profile] megasquip).

questions/concerns/gripes? ask here;