13 February 2015 @ 10:06 pm
Part Two of "icon clutter from the past 6-8 months." Here we find literally everything else I iconned while not working on Dragon Ball stuff.

[ 77 icons ]
» 16
- Hyrule Warriors
» 56 - Legend of Zelda
- A Link to the Past
- Ocarina of Time

» 3 - Kingdom Hearts
» 2 - Vision of Escaflowne

77 icons behind the cut )
25 January 2013 @ 12:14 am
Second part of "long time, no post." I might've been able to fit everything into one post, but I figured it'd be a real strain to view on low bandwidth, so I split them up. Donald and Goofy were the most fun to color, by far. I definitely want to color them some more!

[ 133 icons ]
» 68
- Final Fantasy VII
- Before Crisis
» 64 - Kingdom Hearts
» 1 - Disney's Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

» 4 - Colored panels
- Kingdom Hearts

133 icons and 4 colored panels behind the cut )
08 August 2012 @ 02:05 am
About seven months' worth of icons that have been building up. I've been spending more time coloring manga panels and lineart than making icons; I really ought to crop my colorings into icons lmao. Obviously this is a batch of roleplaying icons and requests with a smattering of other stuff. I redid the Kairi icons from a couple posts ago after it was pointed out too me that the background was way too busy and distracting. I'm much happier with these! I also came across an Eiko icon I made years ago hiding somewhere it wasn't supposed to, so I figured I'd add it to this batch.

A majority of the fanart iconned here came from reef*bread and askzeldaofskyloft.

[ 182 icons ]
» 1
- Final Fantasy IX (Eiko)
» 32 - Kingdom Hearts (remakes of these Kairi icons)
» 93 - Legend of Zelda
» 56 - Terranigma (all Ark)

182 icons behind the cut )
03 January 2012 @ 07:43 pm
This is kind of a sad first post for [community profile] sacredrealm, but I've had these half-finished batches lying around on my harddrive and I finally decided to scrap them together into something passable. Both sets were originally done for roleplaying, even though I never ended up playing Ruto. /sob. But I'm still fairly happy with most of these. You can tell that the Ruto icons are over six months old lmfao.

Another post will probably be coming up soon. I have some other batches that I am finishing up, but I didn't want to include them in this because this one is already big enough. Enjoy~

[ 87 icons ]
» 44
- Kingdom Hearts (all Kairi)
» 40 - Legend of Zelda (all Ruto)
» 3 - Liar Game

87 icons behind the cut )
16 June 2011 @ 04:08 am
Apparently, going back to college meant not ever doing anything fun anymore. :\ This is all I've had time/motivation to make since January, but I like how they came out. The theme was: "making good icons from shitty screencaps." Major challenge.

[ 57 ICONS ]
27 - Vision of Escaflowne
27 - Legend of Zelda
3 - Kingdom Hearts

57 icons under the cut )
09 January 2011 @ 09:58 pm
So. Much. Geass. I don't even know, guys. :\a I'm not even like a huge fan or anything. It's just really easy to practice with. I do like how the Megamind ones came out. That sufficiently impressed me 8)

[ 126 ICONS ]
80 - Code Geass
27 - Megamind
12 - Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
3 - Legend of Zelda
1 - Persona 4
1 - Vision of Escaflowne
1 - Labyrinth
1 - Kingdom Hearts

126 icons under the cut )
27 November 2010 @ 02:47 am
Aaaaaaaa, I am the slowest icon maker ever! 8( /hides in shame. But at long last, all the requests are done, including the ones that were waiting on my permanent requests page. Thank you guys for your patience and support! I probably would've lost heart a long time ago without you guys. ♥♥♥

A general post will be coming shortly. I promise this isn't all that I have to show for the last two months, lmao 8)

[ 53 ICONS ]
14 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Legend of Zelda
12 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Valkyria Chronicles
5 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Kingdom Hearts
2 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

53 icons under the cut )
23 August 2010 @ 01:45 am
My stupid laptop spent the better part of July in a repair center enjoying the replacement of many primary components, so naturally, requests weren't addressed in the timely manner I would've preferred to handle them. HOWEVER, I'm getting caught up promptly, so hooray! Also my laptop is in prime working order, so I won't have to suffer without Photoshop to occupy my time.

I'm getting into Persona thanks to my roommate :> Hopefully it'll incline me to icon things that aren't Legend of Zelda or Eternal Sonata, lmao

[ 138 ICONS ]
7 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Kingdom Hearts
6 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Pandora Hearts
4 - SHAREABLE REQUEST: Legend of Zelda

70 - Legend of Zelda
13 - Eternal Sonata
4 - Final Fantasy IX

138 icons under the cut )
03 July 2010 @ 11:52 pm
SUDDENLY, MORE ICONS. Yes, I was somehow inspired. It happens on occasion. VERY HAPPY with these here, especially the ones with the noticeable textures. I might be in love with bird and sky textures, idk.

Yeah, the WoW icons and the two recolorings of Link were all for an event at the RP I'm in. :3 I posted them here because that's just what I do with almost anything I make.

Coming up soon: REQUESTS (I see you thar :>), reef*bread colorings, and eventually some hentai icons.

EDIT: Also, you guys should check out [livejournal.com profile] castletown's new layout! To celebrate over a year of being open (and because I was getting tired of the old one), I shuffled out a new one! 8D

[ 87 ICONS ]
41 Code Geass
24 Legend of Zelda
15 World of Warcraft
3 retarded internet things
2 Kingdom Hearts (Larxene)
1 Deadpool

87 icons under the cut )
15 May 2010 @ 11:55 pm
The hardest part about this batch was convincing fuckin Photobucket to actually upload them. :[ New uploader is a piece of shit.

Clearly, I watched Treasure Planet way too many times recently.

OH YEAH and I also tried making banners. I'm not much of an AkuRoku fan, but I really liked this particular image. The other is the Ashton banner I forgot to upload for my last batch, derp.

[ 132 ICONS ]
19 Legend of Zelda
40 Treasure Planet
63 Kingdom Hearts/misc. Disney
8 Futurama
1 Final Fantasy VII (Shera)
1 Actors: Chris Pine

2 Kingdom Hearts
1 Star Ocean 2

132 icons + 3 banners behind the cut )