08 August 2012 @ 02:05 am
About seven months' worth of icons that have been building up. I've been spending more time coloring manga panels and lineart than making icons; I really ought to crop my colorings into icons lmao. Obviously this is a batch of roleplaying icons and requests with a smattering of other stuff. I redid the Kairi icons from a couple posts ago after it was pointed out too me that the background was way too busy and distracting. I'm much happier with these! I also came across an Eiko icon I made years ago hiding somewhere it wasn't supposed to, so I figured I'd add it to this batch.

A majority of the fanart iconned here came from reef*bread and askzeldaofskyloft.

[ 182 icons ]
» 1
- Final Fantasy IX (Eiko)
» 32 - Kingdom Hearts (remakes of these Kairi icons)
» 93 - Legend of Zelda
» 56 - Terranigma (all Ark)

182 icons behind the cut )